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Terres de Vénus
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Terres de Venus
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TERRES DE VENUS is a little secret for those who love the Earth and its fruits.
Terres de Venus offers you to join for at least 5 years in a journey in time, searching for original flavors and tastes...

By leasing wine stocks of lambrusques (wild grapes), Terres de Venus offers you the possibility to become and exceptional vine-grower.
For you, we will carry out all the work needed by your vineyard such as pruning, the necessary treatments to protect the lambrusque grapevine variety, follow-up supervision, picking, winemaking and bottling. An agreement for lease and provision of services details accurately the partnership and our obligations.
The small size of the vineyard makes it obvious that the aim of this adventure is neither the performance nor a high productivity. Partnering with Terres de Venus is a taste journey in prehistoric times.
Mythic plant? Exceptional ground? Unique vintage, definitely one of its kind in the world?
Yes, Terres de Venus is all of that! It is also a pledge on bio-diversity and the saving of genetic patrimony.
To embark for this exceptional odyssey, the adoption of a group of 8 wine stocks is the key.
It will reward you with an already "collector" drink.

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